We have redefined the concept of Threading! Come and Visit our most exclusive threading salon in Stockholm!

No one likes big bushy eyebrows. Good eyebrows can give your whole face a brand new look and add focus to your eyes in a natural manner. Many people avoid threading because sometimes it can be very painful. If the fear of being hurt keeps you from getting to a salon, our experts are happy to welcome you and give you the best eyebrow makeover that you have ever had. Our beauty panel has expert professionals who have been working for years and do not have a heavy hand for threading. We use soothing creams and ointments to moisturize your skin before applying thread to your face. Our beauty experts understand that your face is the most important part of your looks, and we are fully equipped and trained to handle with utmost care.

At our Threading Salon in Stockholm, You can forget about the painful tweezers picking and let us bring out your best eyebrow game. We will help you trim eyebrows in a manner that is most suitable for your looks. Not too narrow and not too thick. The hair on the forehead and upper lips can be irritating. Even waxing and bleaching is not enough to get rid of these fine hair follicles. Our beauty experts have great proficiency with the thread, and we will help you clean out the stubborn hairs with as little pain as possible. Many of our customers may also suffer from skin breaking out or irritation after a threading session. However, our experts are at your side every step of the way and help them understand their skin type and apply threading techniques and soothing lotions accordingly. We take great care in making sure that your skin does not have to suffer from cuts and marks after threading. Take our painless threading session challenge and make a booking today!

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