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Our Services


Our trained male and female staff cut your hair professionally.


Our favorite hair colors, shades, and hues that will help inspire you and make you happy.


Threading is suitable for those with sensitive skin as this technique is gentler.


Our trained male and female staff cut your hair professionally.

Body Massage

Giving a full body massage is a wonderful way to help a person get rid of stress.


A tattoo is a form of body modification where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes and pigments.


An eyelash or simply lash is one of the hairs that grows at the edge of the eyelid.


A nail is a horn-like keratinous envelope covering the tips of the fingers and toes in most primates.

Facial & Head Massage with Oil

Head massages are a great way to relax, as they can help release the tension of the day.



Hair Cut Gents


for Members

Hair Cut Gents



Hair Cut Gents


Normal Price

Hair Cut Ladies


Hair Cut Blow Dry


If Done Separately

Hair Wash


Hair Coloring & Straightening

Hair Coloring


Hair Highlights


Hair Straightening

Start From -600Kr

depends on hair length


Full Face Waxing


Full Leg Waxing


Under Arm Waxing


Full Arm Waxing


Full Body Waxing


Between Legs Waxing





Upper Lips






Full Face


Body Massage

Mini Body Massage


Half hour

Full Body Massage


Facial & Head Massage

Normal Facial


Herbal Facial


Brightening Facial


Medicated Facial


Hair Spa


Head Massage


(with oil) + Hair Wash

Tatto Designs

1 Hour Session



Full Makeover

Starts from 600kr

Manicure & Pedicure

Asian Manicure


Asian Pedicure


Raka PaulRaka Paul
11:57 07 Feb 22
staff is helpful and good service! recommended
shruthi dollyshruthi dolly
16:17 05 Feb 22
Extremely positive vibes as u enter coz tht person is so welcoming n warm ....I must tell u I got a layered hair cut and it was just perfect very professional sweet n calm...the lady who does the haircut is so grounded n sweet ...u must take a check in here for anything these guys r perfect absolutely
Anwesha BiswasAnwesha Biswas
11:33 28 Jan 22
I had haircut a couple of weeks before. It was very nice. I loved my new look. Thanks.Highly recommend.👍🏻😍
Michael FernandoMichael Fernando
18:06 14 Dec 21
Revising my rating down to 3 as the price has gone up but the quality has come down. The person who cut my hair was in learning mode and the result was bad.
Faezeh HejaziFaezeh Hejazi
21:43 05 Aug 21
As quite a picky person when it comes to haircuts (I was told I have laser in my eyes as a joke by my hairdressers before) , and on a tight budget, I had a great experience at this place. Student-friendly prices, great attention to detail and listening to what I actually wanted for my haircut (many specifics), nicely accessible location by public transport and finally polite and punctual staff.I don't think you can find the same price to service quality anywhere in Stockholm.Would definitely recommend it.

Affordable Hair Salon Stockholm:


Have you ever go to the cheap hair salon Stockholm and asked the hairdresser to cut off an inch and realize that cut 4 inches and it’s not even cut straight?

Everyone wants to look beautiful, and hair is the most eye-catching part of our body. If you get a good hair cut definitely, you will feel fresher, cleaner, and confident. Having a hair cut at least once a month with a professional hairdresser will keep your appearance fresh and vitalized. There is a lot of hairdresser and salons are available out there, how you are goanna find professional one in your budget? The cheap hair salon in Stockholm is available for you. We have a team of professional hairdressers, they will give you the perfect hair cut that will frame your face structure to improve your natural hair texture enhance your beauty, and boost the confidence of your body.

cheap hair salon stockholm
cheap hair salon stockholm

Why us for tattoos ?!! 

A tattoo is a beautiful form of self-expression, with this you can turn your body into your own art gallery. It gives you a dimension of self-love and makes your body more attractive. You feel more confident with higher self-esteem after getting a tattoo. If you have a scar of any incident or surgery on your body you can turn it into some beautiful art.

Different tattoo salons like affordable and high quality one in Stockholm and are available to choose a professional one for yourself. What kind of tattoo you want for yourself permanent or temporary it is completely up to you. People usually get a tattoo when they want to remember a special phrase or time of their life or any achievement. It allows you to express yourself in ways besides the word. You shouldn’t be afraid to express yourself. A tattoo is a great way to celebrate individuality. You can choose a tattoo according to your own personality. Getting a tattoo on your body can be a painful process, but in our tattoo salon, we have a team of professionals and the latest types of equipment to draw the tattoo to minimize the pain. We also provide the services to remove the old tattoo, with minimum pain in a highly effective way.

Waxing and Face threading improves Beauty:


We are the best beauty salon for great waxing and threading experience in Stockholm and experience it!

Waxing is a completely safe and smooth method to remove body hair. Your skin starts to glow, feel smooth, fresh, and clean. People do waxing at home but usually, it turns into cuts or bruises, you need do to it in the right way.

There is always a risk of cuts and nicks when you use a razor to remove the unwanted hairs of your body. Are you wondering about a waxing and threading salon near you? Here we provide the best waxing services to our clients from previous many years. Waxing not only removes your unwanted hairs but also waxes away from the dead cells of your body, without any risk of cut that can leave scars on your body.

Face threading is completely a natural process to remove unwanted hair from the face and to give a good shape to the face. There is no chemical use in this process that can harm your face skin. It glows the face, prevent the dead cells, and helps to glow the skin of your face. It gives more precise results and less-risk beauty treatment. Threading is not for all people.

You need a guide from a professional before threading. Don’t do threading at your home, it can cause any disadvantage for your face skin. If you have acne on your face this is not for you. In our face threading salon, our professional team recommends treatment of face to our clients according to their facial skin. That helps them to increase their beauty without any harm.

face threading

How Eyelashes style and Massage impacts our Beauty:


When we meet someone first thing that we notice is their eyes. Your eyes communicate more than your words. At that time, the style of eyelashes plays an important role in the beauty of your eyes. Styling your eyelashes at our best beauty salon in Stockholm  is very important because dark and long eyelashes not only look beautiful but it also sweeps the dust and sand particles to get into the eyes.

Chose your eyelashes style according to your face structure, for this you need the guidance of a professional. We have a team of professionals that will give you the perfect eyelash style according to your face structure.

Massage is a process of rubbing, pressing to your skin and muscles to release body stress and increase its beauty. Massage acts like medicine that improves your mental and body health, which is an effective treatment that reduces body pain and muscle tension. It reduces anxiety, sports injuries, removes the headache, and several hidden health benefits. Are you looking for massage places near you? So come and check out our massage salon at meet our massage experts and reduce all the stresses of your body.

Nail grooming:


Nails are a special part of our hand. If your nails are well-groomed and clean with beautiful nail style it will increase the beauty of your hand and you will be more confident while handshaking with someone. Nail care is very important to maintain healthy fingernails, unhealthy, and unclean nails can cause fungus infection.

In order to maintain healthy nails, it is important to trim and clean them. If you have long nails then cleaning is important, dirty nails can harm the grooming of your nails. Strengthening nails is an essential part of beautiful and healthy nails. If you have access skin on your nails remove it, with the help of a professional because it can damage the beauty of your nails. For this, you need nail tools don’t do this at your home. We provide this service with our experts to our clients to groom their nail structure. Come and visit our salon you will be amazed by our services.

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